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Definition of a Schengen visa

The Schengen visa is granted in the form of a sticker affixed on a passport, a travel document or another valid document which entitles the holder to cross the border. Possession of a Schengen visa does not confer automatic right of entry. Entry will only be granted if the other conditions laid down by the Schengen Convention are met, i.e. the justification of the purpose and the conditions of the trip and the posession of sufficient funds.

Short-stay Schengen visa

The short-stay visa is the most common Schengen visa. It entitles travellers subject to the visa requirement, to enter the territories of the 25 Schengen States by paying for continuous visits or several visits. The duration of stay must not exceed three months (90 days) in any half-year from the date of first entry in the Schengen area. The short-stay visa is issued for one or several entries. Its period of validity shall not exceed five years.

• The single-entry visa allows one uninterrupted stay whose duration does not exceed the number of days indicated on the visa, 90 days being the maximum of days, which may be granted. In the example below, the duration of the stay authorized by the visa is 30 days. A grace period of 15 days validity of the visa is normally added to the number of days of authorized stay if the traveler wishes to postpone his or her departure.

• The multiple-entry visa allows several stays within the territory of one or several Schengen States, provided that the total length of the visits does not exceed 90 days in any half-year from the date of first entry. The stay may be continuous or spread over several periods within the validity of the visa. The multiple-entry visa is normally issued with a validity period between six months and five years for travelers who provide sufficient guarantees.

Schengen transit visa

The transit visa allows travellers who are going from one non-Schengen State to another non-Schengen State to pass through the territories of the Schengen States. This visa may be issued for one or several transits. The length of the authorized stay will correspond to the time necessary for the purpose of the transit.

Airport transit visa (ATV)

An airport transit visa is required from certain travelers to go through the international transit area of airports, without actually entering the national territory of the country concerned, during a stop-over or transfer between two stages of an international flight. The requirement to have such a visa is an exception to the general right to transit without a visa through the international transit area.

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